Friday, 11 January 2013

How To Chat with An Attractive Aunty At BUS STOP

How To Chat with An Attractive Aunty At BUS STOP
 you would first catch the girls eye, not by staring at her, that makes you look like a stalker. Just glance at her and if she glances at you, smile, maybe a little head nod to show you have seen her. If she smiles back and looks receptive then it might be ok to say something to her.
 The best opening line I have gotten is just g'day, that might mean hi over there. You then start chatting about something that you will both have a similar opinion on, something trivial like how late the bus always is, or the weather has been great but its usually too hot or cold. Something that is easy to talk to anyone about. Try not to talk different to girls just because you might like them, we are just normal people too.
 The conversation can then go to things like where you are going and what you are doing and what she is doing and does she take the bus often, personal things but non threatening.
You can sit beside her if the bus is full and that is one of the only seats left. But don't sit that close that she thinks you are about to trouble her. Try to start a conversation, but if she is busy reading or makes it obvious
 she doesn't want to chat, don't force it, just enjoy the rest of the trip.
You can check girls out on the bus or anywhere. I'm always checking guys out, its just that they don't realise it. As long as you are not staring or invading their personal space or being creepy about it, you can always glance around and have a look at people.

 Just treat girls like you treat guys, don't bug us when it is obvious we don't want to talk or chat, and that might be most of the time, so be prepared to not worry about it. You might find the best way of meeting girls is just to do your own thing, be happy and confidant and you might find they might want to talk to you.
I have no idea what the people are like where you are, but you can generally talk about anything that is not boring or may bring up strong opinions.

 Don't be creepy, don't be a slimeball. Just be you and enjoy your bus trip whether you meet a nice girl or not. Girls like guys who are confidant and independant, not weedy worriers or stuck up guys with their head up their own a**e.

 Hope some of that helped, if not its because we are in different countries and we are more layed back over here ! Good luck.

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